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JW-M11 arm support abdominal health device

The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001:2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. In 2016, Jiewei passed NSCC national sports certification. In 2017, Jiewei won many honors such as honoring contracts and keeping promises. In 2018, Jiewei was certified by the International Badminton Federation. "Jiewei" was selected as "Jiangsu Business Card" together with "Xugong" and "Yanghe". In 2019, he won the Jiangdu District Chief Quality Award and standardized good behavior AAA enterprise. In 2020, Jiewei was listed on the Science and Technology Board of Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center and won the title of "2020-2022 Jiangsu Sports Industry Demonstration Unit". Through the integration of the two, the measurement management system 3A certification and the quality credit management AAA certification, china Sports Association Certification.


2769X 656X 682(mm)

Key words:

JW-M11 arm support abdominal health device

  • Product Description
  • Exercise methods:

    A. Hold the bar with both hands, straighten your legs, bend your arms to gradually move your torso down to level with both hands, and then hold up until your arms are straight.

    B. sit on the seat board, hook the horizontal tube with your feet, hold your hands behind your head, lean back to the board, contract your abdominal muscles, and sit up slowly.

    Main functions:

    a. Enhance chest muscle, shoulder muscle endurance and arm strength.

    B. enhance the waist and back muscle strength, reduce the waist and abdomen excess fat.

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